Recent Events


Camping Skills Weekend, June 2013


– Eagle Court of Honor for Andrew Martin
– Summer Camp at Camp Meade (HMSR)
– 40-Mile Hike to Summer Camp
– Sea Base High Adventure in the Florida Keys
– Patrol Cook-Off Competition
– Eckville Practice Backpacking Hike
– June Court of Honor
– PA Grand Canyon Camping and Biking Weekend
– North Valley District Philadelphia Hike-o-Ree
– Wheel of Fortune Game Night
– Camp Spirit Spring Workday
– Swim Night at Parkland High School
– Fun Campout at Camp Spirit
– Game Lands Service Project
– Red & White Dinner and Court of Honor
– Cardboard Box Derby at Blue Mountain
– Day Trip to American Helicopter Museum, West Chester, PA
– Winter Camp Weekend at Camp Minsi
– Camp Gadget Night
– Snowbound 2017 at Camp Trexler
– Snowbound Prep Day at Camp Spirit
– Eagle Court of Honor for Thomas Cope